6 Tips And Tricks To Get Loose Waves

Loose waves are awesome just like you but as you already know everything that seems beautiful requires efforts and practice. So here you are going to learn about the most exciting and interesting tips and tricks to get loose waves like never before all you need is practice and patience until it’s completely done to look absolutely gorgeous.

So, either you are crazy about hairstyling or you are just looking for sort of hairstyles yet confuse which style to choose but you may give loose waves a try to explore the most amazing you. Furthermore, you may have seen some famous celebrities with loose waves but don’t know how to obtain loose waves. Well, there is nothing to worry about anymore because we bring you the best way to get loose waves indeed.

Tricks To Get Loose Waves

It’s time to start with the most basic yet most important step because if you don’t pay close attention to the first step then you may end up ruin your look. So be ready to learn everything and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

1- Get The Right Cut

The very first step is quite simple yet interesting because most people have no idea that in order to enjoy your loose waves first you need to get a haircut that may support your curls you are planning to obtain but if just ignore this and try to get curls you may not get the best out of it. So it is way better to follow this step then you can easily move and follow further.

For example, if you don’t do this then your thick hairs may remain downwards due to weight and you may fail to get bouncy curls and I believe you won’t like that part either. To attain the waves give your hair some layers in the right direction.

Moisturize your hairs initially with the product that suits your hairs and enhance hair texture as well. For instance, if your hairs are thick then you need to control frizz with some smoothing oil. However, to entertain your straight hairs some extra holding agent would be best to keep your waves intact and nice. You can easily use a brush to do it.

2- Blow Dry

It may seem no fun but believe me; if you don’t do it right you will not be able to see prominent curls as you always wished for. So, don’t bother and follow the procedure for your own good. Blow-dry your hairs completely and you may use your hand or fingers to check either your hairs are fully dried or not.

Moreover, always blow dry your hairs downward or in the direction that is beneficial to help you set your curls the way you want and it will be easier to do it anyway.

3- Play With Curling Rod

Now you can start using curling rod and I am sure you would love the process while seeing your hairs turning into beautiful loose waves. However, you are allowed to use a 1 or 1.25-inch curling wand to have some cool curly waves around your face range two-inch of section. Make sure you keep the rod away from your face so you don’t harm your skin.

Furthermore, try to keep your curling iron rod at a distance and set the angle around 45 degrees. Now you are all safe and good to set your curls. Safety is very important in case of emergency don’t try to ignore these safety precautions. After all these steps are for your own safety.

4- Clip Your Hairs

While curling your hairs don’t forget to clip your hairs from the front section completely in order to style your waves without interruption also pay attention to curl the halfback of the hairs. In addition, make sure you are properly holding your iron rod in the vertical position and watch closely that your rod never touches your ear. It should remain above the ear level.

As you start to curl your hair from the back it will give you an idea that how your curls are going to look at the end of your styling. So it is always easy to curl front hairs so you can do it later once you are done with back waves.

You can also clip hairs partially so it becomes easy to curl each set of it separately and effectively. Once you don’t see any of the straight hairs you can remove the clips and let your waves flow.

5- Styling

Finally, the moment has arrived to fulfill your wish as you are all ready to style your hairs the way it makes you happy and looks gorgeous. Like, you can cover your one ear with your curls while another side of the face remains visible or you can put your waves behind your both ears and lastly, you can let your loose waves flow through your face.

6- Spray On The Go

This is an additional practice if you don’t want to take any chances or you have doubts that your curls won’t last long then you can use some hair holding spray to keep your hair intact and don’t take away your loose curls.

However, while spraying your hairs keep your eyes close or wear some optical to avoid harm. You may style your hairs again but you can’t have your eyes back so stay safe. Now you are fully ready to enjoy your amazing style and bouncy waves all day long.


I am sure after reading this blog till the end you will have an idea about getting loose curls first you need to go through the hair cutting process then blow dry your hairs and use a curling rod to iron your hairs. Then clipping to perfectly setting curls and styling respectively. However, you can apply some hair spray to strengthen the hold.

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