Major Difference Between a Primer, Foundation and Concealer

Want to look perfect every time? Then add primer, foundation, and concealer into your make routine because no make is complete without these makeup essentials. But wait, what exactly is the difference between these three makeup transformers?

To understand it into simple words, at first, the primer is used to make the set a layer between the makeup and your skin. It ultimately helps to protect the skin. Moreover, if we talk about the foundation is best to set the base ground for the makeup. While the concealer is applied at the end to finish for a make you perfect look.

We will further discuss these amazing makeup essentials and how they add more glamour or ruin your make up. And what are the major differences between them?

What is Primer Makeup?

It is a mixture of different compounds that finalized as a primer makeup in multiple forms such as; gel, cream, and liquid to provide your skin with a smoother base for makeup orientation. It acts as a foundation the best part is it is available in different finishes for example satin, dewy or matte and it is specially designed to work on your pores to eliminate excess oil from your skin.

Furthermore, it also helps your skin to take care of your skin texture to strengthen your foundation and let it look more natural than ever. However, due to dependency of primer, some may offer you mild skin benefits while others may deliver extra skin health benefits such as; anti-aging, hydration and also protect your skin from sunburn to enhance and increase skin health. Besides, there are several types of primer available to beautify your skin like:


As you can read and understand this one helps you to fix and maintain a smoother base for your foundation. Primer can give you a great head start to intensify your makeup by creating a fine and smooth base. The main objective of the primer is to provide a smooth surface just before applying the final makeup. Moreover, it can keep your skin hydrated and oil-free.


Primers also act as backup support to increase the durability and longevity of your facial makeup and let you rise and shine all day long. Although, finding the right foundation primer is not easy you need to understand your skin type at first.

Eye Shadow or Eyelid Primer

Girls just hate oily skin and oily eyelids but there is no need to worry anymore because after reading this fruitful blog you would love to style yourself without a second thought. There was a time when there was no solution to prevent eyeshades from fading but thanks to eyelid primer. This amazing primer keeps your eyelid shiny and smooth without fearing of pigmentation on eye shadow. It is specially created to boost your eyelid shade and to hold it throughout the day.

Likewise, before selecting or buying any eyelid primer makes sure that you are getting your hands on a suitable one that not only in your budget but also best in quality because nobody likes to compromise on eyes.

Eyelash Primer

Girls love to showcase longer, thicker and stronger lashes but there is always some confusion about how one can get this done without fear of losing confidence. Eyelash primer is among one of the best eyelash problem-solving product. All you need is to create an understanding of this type of primer. It is useful for lengthening lashes as well as can be a great stimulant for lash growth.

Some of the famous makeup artists believe that eyelash primer not only takes care of your eyelid but it also acts as the main base to apply mascara. It can help your lash to stay last long and help you with the mascara.

Nail Primer

Nails are very important and if you don’t pay attention you may end up hurting yourself. As nails attract the most germs so it is better to use products that not only beautify your look but also protect your nails and let your polish stay longer. Now you wonder how many more primers to go. Well, this is the second last. The best part of nail primer is it keeps your nail polish smooth and spot-free due to primer as it prevents your nail polish from chipping or fading.

Nail primer it a regular use product because girls just can’t live without nail polish and to keep it last long this primer is always the first object to get your hands on before applying nail polish.

Hair Primer

Hairs are the most prominent element that represents your overall personality but not all the people know how to take great care of hairs to prevent hair falling, damaging or fading. A hair Primer establishes a hair protection layer so you can comfortably use a hairdryer or other hair products for styling but you can’t start without hair primer.

As you already know there is no point in styling by risking your hair’s health and look gorgeous. The best thing is to look beautiful by using the brain to intensify your looks.


Foundation is a part of your makeup kit but it applies before makeup. You can have multiple colors of foundation accordingly that fulfill your needs. And you also have to pay attention to the type of it that suits your facial skin. The main purpose of this is to create a smooth base and to cover all the pours and flaws. And it also helps to strengthen the natural skin tone to prevent further skin damage.


These days, makeup is just not limited to some colors but now the time has changed and so the makeup too. You can easily select your favorite foundation in any color of your choice. These shades can be tried on your forehead to your neck and shoulder. 

To get one of the best foundations from the market there are different famous products are available and celebrities also have their product lines to entertain you throughout your makeup. There is a foundation available for almost all types of skin to maintain skin tone.

However, you can adjust the density of the foundation to adjust skin tone to look as per your desire. And to fulfill this need of yours feel free to select among these four multiple tones likewise:


This one is known for transparency as it is highly visible and the best part about this is pigmentation is quite low.


This is one of the best foundation colors to take care of your freckles and let you shine throughout the event. However, the quantity of thickness is maybe less but it converts your skin flaws into flowers by toning your skin.


Are you worried about your blemishes and cuts? Well, the medium foundation range has got it all for you. It has enough amount of toning capacity in it to give you a rather dignified look and covers pigmentation as well.


This is not the least but the last best option if you are irritated by facial scars, birthmarks and other sorts of spots on the skin then worry no more because the full foundation is made for covering everything else which left by others. It smoothens your facial skin and hideout all spots and brings out the best of you.

Furthermore, there are so many ways to apply these above foundations such as; sponges, fingers, and brushes as well but to apply these with fingers you need to be very careful with your hand and application because if you slip your finger or didn’t control the movement of your hand you may end up ruin your foundation. So it is better to use a sponge or brush until or unless you are a professional.

In last, the trend is now just changed you can use an airbrush to apply foundation to set your base. All you have to do is just spray with smooth hands so you don’t disturb your facial tone.


First, you need to understand the word “conceal” which means to hide, keep secret or disguise. And the concealer just does the magical things on your face to help you hide all the unnecessary or unwanted facial spots. It does what foundation can’t get rid of with but together they all are amazing makeup essentials. You just can’t ignore any of them but here we are discussing concealer how it works.


It can manage to hide all your blemishes, dark circles, and unwanted pores and balance your skin to make your skin look soft and smooth. It is used right after the application of the foundation to cover all the spots that were still visible after foundation. 

Pigment Ratio

Why do you need a concealer if you already have a foundation? Here is the answer; it is heavier than the foundation in terms of pigmentation because it creates a protective layer on your facial skin to give your face a uniform look. However, you are allowed to select the color of concealer according to your choice.


Don’t worry concealer also comes with the range of different shades. All you need to understand that never mix foundation and concealer together as both have their own functions. Some people like to apply multiple types of it to strengthen and beautify their looks. By adding shades you can simply enjoy the tone of your choice and unique spotless skin.


It is time to differentiate all three primers, foundation, and concealer. There are not so many differences among these three categories but they are different for a reason. However, these points are easy to remember but create a great impact on your makeup.

To use them you need to follow a routine that is predefined by professional makeup artists and the creator of these products. Such as; primer is the first thing that is applied in starting and then foundation comes second. Concealer is used in the end to hide all the remaining unwanted spots on your facial skin.

Primer is used to apply first and the main layer on your skin as it may be colorless but best to work with your skin tone. The purpose is very unique and simple to make sure your skin is moisturized enough and prevent oil to come out of pores. Then Foundation takes the place to further enhance your look by helping you maintain your base.

A Foundation can be a game-changer because it changes your skin tone with the help of multiple base colors while obtaining a great smooth and balanced skin. And lastly, Concealer is used before the final touch-ups. It holds the great capacity to keep your facial secret with it by hiding facial scars, birthmarks, and freckles at the same time. It is also known as red and dark spots expert as it provides even skin tone and smoothness.

Another difference is that primer and foundation are not meant to give your facial skin shine but concealer can make your skin shine and glow.


Primer, Foundation, and concealer all are essential to strengthen your makeup routine. To get the best results to use them in combination with each other respectively and seize the moment. It is not so hard to understand the purpose and usage of these three amazing products as we have discussed above in detail so you can easily learn and apply. While applying these magical things don’t forget to check application time.

difference between primer foundation concealer

It is highly recommended that use them in their proper order primer at first, foundation second and the third one is concealer because if you change the order you may change the end result or you may not get the perfect look you wish for. So follow the pattern and enjoy your beauty along with us and don’t forget to drop your comment below as we love to see your feedback and love to write more. 

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