How To Put False Eyelashes On Before Or After Foundation?

What is the make-up? Well, ladies use it as a backup plan to look gorgeous although everyone is beautiful there is no solution of doubt but to overcome false thoughts and need to start believing. However, lashes add great value to enhance and embrace the look and ladies just love that. So here is the deal, by the end of this article you are going to love how easy it is to apply eyelashes in no time.

There is a way to do everything and the art of doing or applying lashes is very important. It is ideal to apply lashes once you have completed your facial make-up. It doesn’t matter either you do the make-up first or you do it later but what’s best for you is already mentioned above. It doesn’t bother you at all.

Being a lady you just can’t ignore your look as eyes are known as a language of saying everything without speaking a word and that part depends on eyelashes. Besides that, there are many different types of lashes you can choose from and look vibrant. 

Without complete knowledge it is difficult to use such things and placing on the right spot can be hectic so it is better to observe and learn how to put False Eyelashes On Before or After Foundation? First, then you can take a chance and style as you want.

Before moving on we would love to tell you that all of this amazing information is based on experiences, surveys, and recommendations so there is nothing to worry about at all. With the help of experts, we have concluded some amazing results. Here we go!

To look attractive and apply lashes like a pro these are a few tips and need to be followed step by step such as; Make-up, lashes selection, Sticking pattern, tools, timing, and touch-ups.

Make-Up Before Lashing!

As we have discussed above make-up is the first thing in styling and all the other stuff comes after. However, it is very important to beautify your face according to the length and volume of lashes you are going to use. Once you are done with your eyes, lips and facial makeover then you can move on to eyelashes area.

Make-Up Before Lashing

Furthermore, nobody likes to compromise on looks so again it is better to choose a good brand. The reason is quite simple local made items may create some problem and I bet that you cannot afford to experiment on your eyes. It may take a bit of time to get your hands on fine quality eye-lashes to avoid redness.

Place The Lashes Properly

Placing false lashes on the right lashes area is the real deal. As you know that if you place it wrong then your game is already over before you even start. So you can place the lashes by using tweezer due to its easy grip and you can easily adjust it to place right. After placing it hold on and press a bit to make sure that lashes placed properly and stick as well.

Always remember to use a soft hand while applying and try not to shake hands because misbalancing may destroy your mood. You we already know that false lashes are light in weight like a feather. If you won’t follow the proper guideline then it can result in loss of your favorite lashes and you can bear it. 

Time To Do Some Touch Ups!

Touch up is very important because sometimes you may miss a spot and later you check to make sure that everything is just fine. Right after touch up, it is useful to see either lash are stick properly or looking fine then you can move on.

Now before leaving your home for any event or the party, you are going to attend look for glue if everything seems fine then good to go but if you see that glue is visible so you can use some eyeliner to cover it up. These all are quite small tips but very useful I bet you don’t want to feel guilty at the party.

The Dos And The Don’ts!

Creativity through the lashes!

As you know readymade products always come in standard sizes and shapes but getting your hands on the product that fits on your lashes is fantastic. Thanks to the competition it is now very easy to find a perfect size for yourself and you will look gorgeous. 

However, before buying never forgets to check the size of the false lashes you are not going to try out under or oversize. So it is better to make sure that you are getting the size and the reliable product. 

Check The Balance Before Glue!

Once you have the lashes in your hand and ready to apply then balancing is the most important part of it as you don’t want someone else to point you out. So before applying the glue check the balance on your natural lashes if you are satisfied with the balancing then you may apply glue and do not move for a few seconds. Let the glue dry on the false lashes once it’s dried and well balanced then you are good to move.

Check The Balance Before Glue

On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with the size of lashes either it’s too long for your eyes then you may trim it to give it a custom look. After all, not everything is a perfect fit for you but you can try to make it perfectly fit.

Lash And The Band!

Everything has a foundation and the foundation of false lash based on the width of the band. It is a band that holds the glue and settles on the natural lash so never compromise on the bandwidth. You won’t like to see your lash falling in front of people.

However, most people just go to the market and ask for the lashes but the band is something that cannot be ignored. It is only the false lash you buy. Always remember money is hard-earned and you are wise enough to use your money for greater value in exchange. 

Volume And Length!

Right after the band, you need to pay attention to the volume of the false lash and the length you are looking for. Before compromising on low volume lash question yourself that why do you want a lash to style on your eye? The answer is quite simple because you always wanted to add volume to the lash.

Volume And Length

Besides, the length of the lash is yet an important point to consider because along with volume length helps your eye to look more attractive and prominent. The reason you need a lash is you want more for your eyes and the length does the job perfectly. 

Glue Quality And Quantity!

As we have discussed earlier that the glue that comes along with the false lashes is not the same as the glue used to stick to other things. This glue is slightly different than others and yet only comes with the lashes. So quality is very important because you can’t afford to damage your eyes at any cost. Remember one thing you may get a cheaper product but the quality is always expensive.

However, at the time of using glue on the band always use a good quantity that helps the lash to stick on your eye and avoid pouring extra glue. Too much of glue can lead the false lashes move or slide which can result in embarrassment. So, use a rich amount of the liquid that attach the lash properly.

Never Attach Lashes Earlier Than Eye Make Up!

How sad is that people don’t know when to apply lashes. There is a major difference in applying false lashes before and after. If you do it before the make-up then there are more chances that you may not be able to contrast your eye as you want due to sliding of the lash and you do it after completion of make-up then you can finish the lashing in no time and look gorgeous.

Lashes Care!

Having money is amazing but most people don’t have extra to spend on new false lashes each time. So it is better to take care of the lashes to use them again and keep it safe. But in general, lashes are not in a condition to using again because of the glue on the band and while removing it there are lesser chances that it remains in shape.


It’s the time to sum up all the knowledge we shared with you but the most highlighted elements to pay attention such as; the first and foremost quality of the false lashes, the width of the band, you can’t ignore the volume too, tweezer to hold the lash and the glue that does the main job. 

On the other hand, the steps are needed to be followed as mentioned above. You can’t just apply the false lashes and then do your facial make up till the end. If you do so you may end up ruining your lashes and the look of the eyes. To give your eyes attractive looks follow the blueprints that help to fulfill your desire of beautifying your eyes.

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