How To Get A Foot Massage For Relieving Pain And Health Benefits

Time to relax! That’s right today we are going to talk about one of the best ways to relax and rejoice yourself. To end your curiosity let me tell you this amazing technique is foot massage. I must say that it’s one great to pamper yourself or loved ones. Provide them relaxation and other benefits such as relief from headaches, insomnia, and stress relief.

The best way to begin the foot massage is by massaging the tops of the toes as well as the back of your feet which heels, soles, and toes. You can do even deeper massage moves on the ankles, soles, and massage on the pressure points to release stress and create amazing massage experience for the person.

How does it begin?

The foot massage technique was originated 3000 ago in china. Since then it has become a way for the Chinese people to identify and cure the illness. Today, foot massage is used for relaxation; heal sore soles, and arches.

What is foot reflexology?

What Chinese believe hold belief is that foot massage can hinder and cure multiple health issues. For reflexology, it is assumed that the reflex zone begins in the foot and travels to the head and other vital organs. To further explain reflex zones are the pressure points on the tips of hand and feet. Since they are connected directly with the nervous system therefore, when you apply pressure on the different parts soles and sides of feet, different muscles and other vital organs can be reached.

In ancient times foot massage was used preferably for this reason while in modern times it is used as the technique to relax after tiring routine or maybe for sore feet.

What happens during a foot massage?

When you have a foot massage you feel relaxed and your reflexes are rubbed with a certain technique. Your massage therapist will sit in front of you on a stool or chair to work effectively on your feet.

Sometimes therapists ask for the ailment or either reflex zone of your feet to help them. Others may just rub or massage your feet from heels to toes to help rejuvenate your feet.

Why foot massage is good for you?

After a long day at work when your feet hurt, a foot massage is one amazing option for much-needed relief. Not only pleasure but in research it is shown that it also has health benefits. A foot massage can ease the stress which is great as it cut stress as it will allow you to healthy choices such as exercising and eating healthy food.

Moreover, it improves the blood circulation which helps you get to heal and energies you all at once. Along with foot massage, a good walk can add some great benefits as well, and again after a walk if you feel pain then embrace your foot with a relaxing massage so you always remain active all day and night.

How does this foot massage work?

A good massage technique is based on how well you know about the pressure points and how much pressure is needed to apply in order to release the pain out of your foot. There are several pressure points available in out foot yet these points are defined and you can find them in the picture given below.

Make sure you first learn to work through pressure points so you don’t just waste your time but get some serious results out of it. And if you are using a foot massage machine then an automatic system will take care of it. Just sit back and enjoy the amazing massage.

Types of foot massage

Types of foot massage

Toe Bend technique

This technique is designed to work through the motion to increase the flexibility of your foot. This technique is based on a few steps are as follows;

  • First, hold your heel with a hand
  • Now bend your toes on foot and start back and forth movement with the help your hand and all need to be done at the same time.
  • If needed, repeat the process of moving along with a certain amount of pressure. You can flex your toes to the full range to get maximum benefits.

Fist technique

This technique involves working on the bottom of your foot. To master this amazing technique here are some useful tips

  • First, you need to hold your back of the foot with a single hand.
  • With the help of another hand, you need to hold a full fist against the bottom of your foot.
  • Now apply moderate pressure on the bottom of the foot by using the fist to knead.
  • You can repeat this motion as needed and keep working down on your foot to the heel.


There are some exciting benefits of foot massage and after knowing you would be amazed and love to work on your foot as well. A good and technique based foot massage can give you certain benefits likewise:

  • It surely helps you fight back your physical condition and mental health challenges.
  • Your body becomes stronger and you feel less pain.
  • You learn to relax and remain calm
  • It also helps you to control your emotions and you feel comfortable.
  • If you really love to have a good night’s sleep then you surely going to love foot massage as it helps to improve your sleep as well.


Foot massage is to help you with pain and make you able to deal with it. By regularly following and massaging your foot you would get rid of this pain. And you can also serve people, your family or friend as well so they can relax too. But the least you can do is learn it for yourself at least to serve yourself.

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