Eerya Passion Twist Hair 3Packs

Eerya Passion Twist Hair 3 Pcs Passion Twist Braiding Hair Water Wave Hair for Passion Twist Crochet Braids Goddess Locs 18 Inch Long Bohemian Locs Hair Hair Extensions (1B# Natural Black)

Got bored! Now enjoy the long curls that are sure to rock your outlook with in this cool Bohemian Braids for Passion Twist Crochet Hair.

Nobody would recognize it as a wig since its natural look makes it one fanatic hair piece for the gorgeous ladies. You can even read honest reviews over it through “Reviews Beez” a platform that is surely be proven solution to all your problem.

Eerya Passion Twist Hair 3 Packs

Girls just love twisted hairs and if you are among one of them then you are in the right place because here you will get the most fruitful information about taking care of twisted hairs and to retain them. These days passion twist hairstyle is quite trendy. There are multiple hairstyles you may have tried in past but twisted hairs are now in fashion.

Stunning hairstyle always adds aura in your personality and passion twisted hairstyle to highlight you in public. Yeah, we know that you like people are noticing you. It is quite affordable and very easy to set up your hairdo. Once you get complete knowledge about Eerya Passion Twist Hair 3 Packs style then you will love it too.

Let’s talk about the amazing features you can enjoy with passion twisted hair kit. This wonderful kit is made up of high quality 100 % kanekalon synthetic fiber and it is made to control hot water and keep your hairs in style. Furthermore, Super stylish passion twisted hair fiber is very soft, light in weight, no itching at all, no smell and quite easy to install and twist to give your hair a natural long-lasting look.

Passion Twist Hair
Passion Twist Hair

If you ask for more features than you would be really amazed to know that it is available in 18 inches in length and weight is almost 80 gram per pack. Well, if you consider 18 inches is not enough then try to style and experience its result.

Once you are ready with it there won’t be any need of more length or volume but if you need more you can add another pack. In addition, along with good hair length, you can also avail and enjoy many beautiful colors according to your preferences such as; Ombre brown, jet black, light brown, dark brown and ombre blonde.

All of these colors look fantastic when you set up, dress up and style your hairs in combination with your dress and hairs.

Thinking about covering your full head with these amazing passion twisted hairs then you may need more than 2 lots and there are 3 packs in each lot you buy. And this is not it. You get a gift with every purchase include a crochet needle and rings absolutely free. However, each pack consists of 16 strands or roots for your ease.

Discover this itch free, tangle free and shedding free bohemian braids.

What I like

There is a lot more to say what I like about passion twisted %100 Synthetic fiber hair pack that it can be more useful with different types of hairstyles. And you can enjoy all the hairstyles with just your standard packs. There are some prominent hairs styles are mention below.

Short passion twist

There is always a hairstyle for the girl and this wonderful short passion twist is half down and half up to give you a beautiful hairdo. If your height is short or average then you can try it out and you look absolutely stunning.

Long passion twist

On number two, long passion twisted hairs are quite trendy. If you are tall and your height is above average then long twists are, especially for you girl. The best part is you can try multiple colors accordingly. It may take up to 8 packs to look marvelous.

Beautiful burgundy passion twists

Transforming yourself is cool but it is more important to transform in a way that suits you and cheer your mood as well. The beautiful burgundy color is a shade that can add value to your personality. And you can have either short or long twist with this bold color combination.

A high bun

It’s time to grow some more and tie a high twisted bun. A twisted high bun looks amazing chicks just love it. This style is also considered as a summer hairstyle but if you want it in winter that totally okay after all it’s you and your happiness that matters.

Side swept twists

Side-swept is meant for the girls in love with hair volume. You can sweep your hairs on one side and keep the other side visible so your hairs and cheeks look stunning. Either you are a student or a professional person all you have to do it sweep to left and right and you are done.

Multi tone passion twists

There is always a way to style up if you are confused about between hair colors then you can enjoy the blend of different colors to make a beautiful multi-tone passion twist that always matters to you. Rock star and stage artist just love this blend of passion twists.

Passion twist with the beats

The list is long and we haven’t forgotten you after all beats look gorgeous with hairs and hair accessories just add more swag to your style. You can either use clips, ponies or small beautiful beats to give you a vintage look.

Eerya passion twist hair pack is to give you stunning hair styles, add volume to your hairs and more than 16 strands are available in each pack. Style, smile and shine with Reviewsbeez because we care.

What I don’t like

I don’t like to spend much time to style my hairs and I always run out of time this thing takes time but it is fine as long as you look good with it. You have to keep patience while setting your twisted hairs because nobody likes to do hairs again and again.

Lastly, I don’t like to keep things safe to enjoy it for longer but again you just can’t wrap up and put it back in drawers you need to take it a bit slow because you don’t like to buy another soon.


  • Super soft
  • Light weight
  • Odor free


  • A good hair style takes time.

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