Best Mascara For Growing Eyelashes

Eyes are considered as the most amazing aspect of the human body and known for its visual characteristics.

They not only help us to see the whole world but it also beautifies the personality of a person and to maximize its “Mascara” plays its role.

This time our experts brings you the best of 10 amazing mascara products.  Furthermore, Mascaras are great to add volume to your eyelashes to make it look prominent and beautify them. There are thousands of such things available in the market but here we will talk about some best mascara for growing eyelashes.

Girls just love to look perfect and to make it happen they do everything within their capacity without any doubt. Well maintained eyelashes speak thousands of words about your personality, lifestyle and how you see yourself.

On the other hand, Eyelashes are not only make you look amazing but also help your eyes to protect from external dust particles and other impurities not to enter in your eyes.

Moreover, I bring you some useful tips to take great care of your eyelashes. Here are the things that help you grow your eyelashes and also maintain a good look.

The first thing that is very useful, organic and you kept in your household is “Olive Oil” just simply apply. Other remaining things are Vitamin E, Coconut oil and castor oil may also a great help. I hope you like it now let’s move on to further details about the best mascara products.

Cover girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Black Brown

Cover girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Black Brown

Cover girl is another famous brand with over 5 million customers. Of course, the cover girl claims them to be satisfied customers. Therefore, I decided to have a closer look at their amazing product and decide for myself.

It comes in a really cool and sleek design bottle. From what I saw it comes with patent pending brush that really max out the eye lashes. The other versatile features that make it stand out are its waterproof hypoallergenic formula.

What I like

As it turns out to be that whenever I hear that word mascara cover girl comes to my mind. Like many makeup lovers the first mascara that I bought was cover girl.

The foremost thing that makes it a 5 star rating mascara is its amazing formula. Which guarantees a smudge and smear- proof application throughout. What’s makes it even more worth it is that it instantly creates ten times more volume.

Besides an exquisite outlook and shape of the bottle the Cover girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara works wonder to beautify your eyes. I make sure to wear it each day to any place for a smudge free confident look.

What I don’t like

As the my beauty experience what I believe is that there is no such reason to dislike this Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Black Brown. Especially its hypoallergenic formula makes it best on the list. With all these amazing benefits the price may seem to be little higher but it’s not a big deal when you prefer not to compromise over your beauty.

If you are looking for one spectacular mascara that provides best result each time then Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara, Black Brown is the right choice for you. Although the price may be the issue but like it we say no beauty comes first.

⊕ Comfortable
⊕ Easy to use
⊕ Affordable
⊗ Delivery may take time but you will love the results

Frequently Asked Question

Is it waterproof mascara?

Yes, it is surely waterproof mascara.

How does it last long after applying?

It is long lasting mascara until or uncles you wish to remove it.

Does it help to keep curls?

Yes, it does the magic for you if use with a lash curler.

Blinc Original Tubing Mascara

Blinc Original Tubing Mascara

Blinc – Original tubing mascara is known for its originality and amazing results. There is nothing available in the market that match up to its standard when it is about originality and colors.

This mascara keeps your mood healthy and also adds great value in your style. There are quite a few benefits but this is best for sensitive eyes which makes it even more wonderful that everyone can enjoy it.

This mascara just doesn’t fade like an ordinary paint instead it beautifies your eyelashes either you laugh or cry, sleep or wash your face due to its long lasting effect.

However, you can also enjoy this mascara in parties and events of your choice. Stuff is contained in smart bottle to keep your mascara fresh and healthy. Bottle is capped well to maintain quality and longevity.

What I like

Personally, I really appreciate the design of the bottle and the brush to wear this fantastic mascara. It truly delivers original result without any doubt and I was just amazed to see the magical result that my eyes just turned out to be completely adorable.

On the other hand, I just love the purity of the product and it made my day with its hold on eyelashes. Talking about the application of the amazing mascara is quite simple and easy, there is no need to rush. The paste is mixed well to cover all of your eye lashes.

Lastly, it comes with a very strong brush to apply it on your eyelashes. This brush is to give you a perfect look and I would like to say that while applying mascara on your eyelashes do not just brush your eyes and run. Apply slowly to enjoy better definition.

Here is something very important to share. Almost every brand need to prove its worth and I think Blinc – Original Tubing Mascara, Extreme Longwearhas just showed it.

What I don’t like

There is only one thing that I really don’t like and that is every time I want to get one for me it takes quite a long time to deliver at my doorstep.

⊕ Very easy to remove
⊕ No fear of smudge
⊕ Great volume balancing
⊗ Quantity is less but happy with overall result

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe for sensitive eyes?

Yes, it is safe for sensitive eyes no matter you wear contact lenses or optical.

What if tears wipe out mascara?

Tear are not enough to wipe out mascara as it needs more water to clean it.

Is it a gluten free product?

Yes, It is a gluten free mascara.

Volum Express the Colossal Waterproof Mascara

Volum Express the Colossal Waterproof Mascara

In my mind, the best selling point for Volume expresses the colossal Washable Mascara is its mega iconic brush that adds extra volume to your eyelashes. It’s one of the top-rated mascara on our list. When I put on this high volume mascara next to my Maybelline red satin lipstick, I feel like a diva of a modern era.

The colossal Mascara has a collagen-infused formula means it delivers a massive volume in just one go! Your lashes will appear thicker and voluminous thanks to large and round shape brush.

But to be honest it may sound amazing but it isn’t the best one in the market. There are some other options in eye mascara that you must consider as well while making your decision.

What’s interesting?

The first thing that I find absolutely amazing about the colossal mascara is that its mega brush gives instant 9x volume to eyelashes without any clumps. There is much high price mascara that you could get just for the pleasure of your friends asking you more about your makeup choices.

Maybelline washable mascara unique brush design brings out bold, fast and colossal lashes as compared to any similar priced mascara. I personally don’t like mascara that are way too expensive and still you have struggle.

The colossal mascara also protects your eyes against some of the common problems that usually occurs due to eye mascara: Scratched cornea, allergic reaction, Conjunctivitis.

Such eye problem happens when you leave eye makeup too long. Before taking the nap makeup must be removed. Otherwise it can cause some serious problems. Maybelline colossal mascara is washable which can be removed easily with Maybelline makeup remover.

What I Don’t Like

Okay! The first thing that I don’t like is the fact that you have to apply it multiple times. That is something that would take time but that doesn’t hurt if it beautifies your eyes. Another fact its lasts longer but it gets flaky due to which you may notice little bit crispy feeling.

⊕ Bold, Fast and colossal lashes
⊕ Available in bold intense shades.
⊕ Paraben-free formula
⊕ Last 9xtimes longer
⊗ Harden eyelashes
⊗ Little bit difficult to remove

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does this mascara flake?

No, it does not flake because it is made with nylon fine quality bristles.

Q: Does this mascara dry inside the tube?

No, it does not as long as you keep the cap tight and close after every use.

Q: How long does it take to deliver?

It may take up to 2 to 5 business days to deliver and also depends on your preferred logistic service.

Maybelline Volum Express Falsies Black Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Volum Express Falsies Black Waterproof Mascara

This is one the best Mascara available in the market to drive you crazy with its features that intensify your beauty. We are always ready to notify you with the most updated and unique products that can be your next best beauty partner. Maybelline express falsies washable mascara has no match and also upgrade your lifestyle.

This wonderful product is created with fiber infused formulation to add volume on your eyelashes in order to make them look amazing. It also lengthens your lashes so you can easily shine among the crowd.

In addition, the brush is made with strong bristles to apply mascara from root to tip. Curvy shaped spoon bristle brush has it all that you always wanted to have in a brush.

What I like

This is one of the many products that I can count on there is nothing more important to me than the prominent eyelashes and long-lasting nature of this beautiful beast. I am very happy to experience this washable mascara.

At times I feel like why every time I have to apply mascara to look stylish but Maybelline always made my day with its amazing results and true colors.

What I don’t like

There is no such thing I don’t like about this product but yes I would love to enjoy more surprising products from them. I always like to try new things.

⊕ Beautiful bottle
⊕ Easy to remove
⊕ Waterproof
⊗ Sometimes delivery takes time but results compensate it

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is the item durable?

Yes, this is designed to give you the best timing as long as you want to enjoy the party.

Q: How easy it is to use it?

It is quite easy to use it like twist the bottle, dip and apply.

Q: How long does it take to dry?

You don’t have to sit and wait for it to dry but 30 seconds are enough to enjoy results.

It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott

It's So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth Mott approach to bring smudge free mascara is pretty interesting. She wanted to make something exemplary that can totally transform your outlook—and that’s what she has exactly brought.

Just as the title depicts that the big Volumizing Mascara it is designed to give volume to your eyelashes. Without clumping, flaking and smudging. The result? You will get thick, long and separated eyelashes that may last all day long.

What I love?

Let’s take some time to discover more amazing features of this Volumizing mascara. To begin with the spectacular brush of best conditioning mascara holds the eyelashes all day long. This is good news for the ladies who want to keep on going without any hassle. Meanwhile may try out the mac red lipstick for fair skin with it to stay classy.

I also like the hour glass shape of the brush and its intense black shade that really pop up the eyes. You may actually look like a diva—the reason behind this unique shape is that with short and long bristle may deliver just the right amount of mascara to each lash.

Moreover, the creamy texture of mascara will surely pop up your eyes. You might think that since its rich it will get smudgy but that’s what good about it. Despite having hard to work eyelashes you won’t be disappointed. Furthermore, it has an easy to remove formula that only protects your eyes but make you look like a diva.

What I believe that there may be bit of flaw that you find in Elizabeth Mott big volume mascara but I would definitely give it 5 on 5 review for such an amazing result.


⊕ Crave lashes perfectly

⊕ Glass hour brush design

⊕ No smudging

⊕ No flaking

⊕ No clumps


⊗ Somewhat expensive but it’s worth it

Frequently Asked Question

Is it water proof?

No, it is not water proof but you don’t need to worry that much.

Does this mascara uncurl the lashes?

No, it does not uncurl your lashes as it is specially made to add volume at first.

How long does it take to remove it?

Well, it just require only a few swipes to remove mascara but make sure you do it with care.

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Lengthening Mascara

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Lengthening Mascara

This is just a killer mascara I have ever reviewed talking about the things is quite good but experiencing those things in your life is quite amazing. And this mascara took all of my attention because it gives your eyelashes more beauty along with yours. This product is formulated with end quality resources to deliver great length and to add volume.

With the help of its uniquely designed brush it also separates all of your lashes to look prominent and enhance your eye beauty at the same time. This brush not only helps mascara to apply on your eyelashes but take care of each n every lash.

Furthermore, there is a fact that this wonderful product strengthens your eyelashes even more than 60 percent so what else you are looking for to keep your eyes look beautiful.

What I like

The first best things I like about this vibrant mascara is that it covers all of your eye lashes and don’t let you don’t in front of public. As you know that what you don’t say your eyes speak even louder. Secondly, this is very easy to apply like you blink an eye and it’s done.

And when you are tired and don’t have much energy left all you have to do is wash your face and lashes with soap and you are good to sleep. At times removing mascara creates a mess and I bet nobody likes it.

What I don’t like

Being a regular user of mascara It would be great to have some complementary stuff along with a mascara but it is quite acceptable with the results of product complain is no complain.


⊕ More for less

⊕ Easy to remove

⊕ Great in result


⊗ May need to apply it twice but it’s okay because you look good with it.

Frequently Asked Question

Does this mascara help with lashes curling?

No, you have to do it with a lashes curler.

Is this comes in a plastic brush?

Yes, the brush and wand is made with plastic but bristles are made with high quality nylon bristles.

Does it have fibers?

No, it does not have fibers.

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara

Maybelline New York Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara

Unleash powerful lash to enhance your personality along with this amazing MaybellineExpress The Colossal Big Shot Mascara as it gives you an extra strength to stand around with confidence. There is no such thing that can’t be done unless you try it and if you are really willing to improve your style then you can surely start with beautifying your eyelashes.

This wonderful mascara not only helps your cover your lashes but eventually takes care of every lash and also adds enough volume to give your lashes a prominent look. Another crazy feature is its wavy bristles that hit the root to apply mascara and separate all the lashes from one to another.

On the other hand, this beast is available in different shades but in blue it is just remarkable. However, you just don’t need to worry at the end of the day because it’s washable.

What I like

Here you go with the first and foremost thing I like about this wonderful mascara is its wavy bristles brush that gives me a chance to apply mascara on my lashes easily. It helps me not only style in public but also increases my confidence.

It really proves its value of money with its result, volume and easy to apply feature. There is nothing more I would ask for but satisfaction and beauty.

What I don’t like

Nothing is perfect in this world but it can be better with some extra quantity to enjoy some more mascara. Overall it is fine as I am quite satisfied with the results.


⊕ Extra coverage

⊕ Wonderful presentation

⊕ Great value of money


⊗ A bigger bottle would be a better idea but this one is also amazing.

Frequently Asked Question

Does washable means water resistant?

No, washable means you can wash or clean it through water.

Does it provide value against your money?

Yes, it does as long as it is satisfying your needs of looking gorgeous.

Does it last for all day?

Yes, it does last for all day so enjoy till you hit the bed.

Women 4D Silk Fibre Mascara Eyelash Waterproof

Women 4D Silk Fibre Mascara Eyelash Waterproof

If you are working at the beach and also likes to stay stylish then this fabulous Women 4D silk fibre waterproof long lasting mascara is perfectly made for you. As this product comes with two of its amazing features the top one is that it last long as you are one the site and it is also waterproof. And due to its waterproof feature you can easily focus on your things.

Like no others this mascara is absolutely quick responding regardless of time shortage. Its quick, it’s easy and it’s amazing. It is composed of natural resources which make you look more stylish with super eyelashes to move around freely.

Moreover, this is unique mascara that can be used in any event, occasion, dating, friends gathering or a grand wedding ceremony. Professionals prefer such things that work in all conditions.

What I like

There are so many things I like about this charming product first of all it is very easy to apply which cheers my mood. Secondly waterproof so it’s okay if it is raining outside. No worries at all.

Lastly, there is no age limit to this product all the women can enjoy it and I am really happy to share it with my friends.

What I don’t like

It is okay to dislike something if it bothers you but there is only a minor thing that I don’t like about this product is it can burn a bit if not applied properly.


⊕ Adds velvety touch to your lashes

⊕ Extravagant your lashes with shocking volume

⊕ Black and brows are old fashion now blue is the new sexy


⊗ Luxury product

Frequently Asked Question

Is it easy to take it off this mascara?

Yes, it is easy to remove if water.

Does it last long after applying on lashes?

Yes, this mascara is known for its longevity.

Does it separate the lashes?

Yes, you can separate the lashes with the help of comb.

Mascara Makeup Set Eyelash Extension Lengthening Volume 3D Fiber Mascara Waterproof Cosmetics 2pcs/lot

Mascara Makeup Set Eyelash Extension Lengthening Volume 3D Fiber Mascara Waterproof Cosmetics 2pcs/lot

Being in showbiz you always need to keep your makeup kit along with you and it remains incomplete without mascara. There are thousands of products available but Makeup Set Eyelash 3D waterproof fiber mascara saves the day. It is known for its great volume delivery and sweat free nature.

However, you will be amazed to know that it has up to 3 years of self-life which is very long. There is a velvet brush also available to let you apply mascara on your eyelashes very easily to comfort your eyes and lashes.

Lastly, this adds 2 x volumes on your eyelashes to make your eyes look prominent and gives you a gorgeous look. Overall, there is nothing more you could imagine to have in one kit.

What I like

Being a corporate person I need to go out every single day, meet people and work with team so this mascara got my back. It helps me to make eye contact due to its elegant look along with confidence.

In addition, due to its water resistant feature I am very satisfied because I don’t have to think about sweating issue or any rainy condition. I can move freely and work accordingly.

What I don’t like

Personally I don’t like the shape of the bottle and it could be a bit stylish but at the end it is the result I am concerned which is fantastic. Lastly, the price is quite high and at times you have to keep an eye on your pocket to keep your eyes look beautiful.


⊕ Soft velvet brush

⊕ Thicker volume

⊕ Water resistance nature


⊗ This is an expensive product but worth your money.

Frequently Asked Question

What makes this mascara best of all?

Well, its soft velvety brush and 7x times instant volume makes it one of the best make up accessory to carry to create formal or informal outlook.

Does it have a shelf life?

Yes, it is around 3 year’s shelf life.

Does it offer any special feature?

Yes, you would be amaze to know that it has water resistant feature that would keep you shine like a diva all day long.

Billy’s Blues Mascara

Billy's Blues Mascara

If you like to use mascara every day in your daily routine then this Billy’s blues mascara is made for you. It’s totally a new kind of black from Billy’s blues to take care of your eyes and to beautify them. There is nothing more attractive in this world than mesmerizing eyes. It is okay to redesign your eyelashes with amazing mascara.

It doesn’t flak but keeps your eyelashes healthy and beautify. It is also known for its true color delivery and timely results. On the other hand, you can surprise your friends by gifting this amazing mascara.

Furthermore, to have the best results with the brush start applies from the root to tip and also underside in order to cover all the lashes easily and effectively. Never miss a chance to look gorgeous because you are.

What I like

There are so many key features comes with this product. The mascara is rich in quantity and quality is just up to the standard. It has a perfect black color to make your eyelashes shine which is very important for every girl.

On the other hand, I am happy to enjoy this product as it is from one of my favorite make-up artists. It is trendy and I just love to follow the trend because eye matters the most.

What I don’t like

Most of the times it is always about the money I pay to have a product and this is the most expensive mascara among all these. But as far as I am concerned with this product I am addicted to it just hates the price.


⊕ Best eye lashes coverage

⊕ Easy to apply

⊕ Result oriented


⊗ Nothing

Frequently Asked Question

Does it flake?

No, it does not flake but provides you more value and satisfaction.

Is it waterproof mascara?

No, it is not waterproof mascara. As you know a waterproof mascara can be only removed with eye makeup remover solution.

Why packaging is so tight?

Packaging is up to the standards as to keep it safe and intact to deliver with care.

Buyers Guide to consider before buying a Mascara For Growing Eyelashes

Buyers Guide to consider before buying a Mascara For Growing Eyelashes

People like to know about the authenticity of products and they get confused after seeing thousands of products in the market. Here, top 10 most amazing mascara to style your eyelashes are highlighted.

However, some of them have wonderful color schemes while some are known for volume delivery and last but not least, all of them are waterproof so you can enjoy as long as you want.

Now days, there is nothing impossible at all for example these best mascara for eye lashes are unique in their own way.

We have mentioned quite a few qualities of these result oriented mascara but all of these qualities are major and demanded by users.
The best fun part is that these babies are available for you to style anywhere, anytime and for any event. Easy to carry, different brushes with bristles to cover your eyelashes from root to tip and let you feel the comfort it provides.

Grab the finest thing for you from our reviewed collection and let us know how you feel.

All the above reviews are to help you so you can make a wise decision before you get confused. These top 10 mascaras for eyelashes are for people who like to look good and confident.


It is always about the best and these names are always on the top chart as Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Washable Mascara, Volumizing, Glam Black deliver great value for your money. Secondly cover girl is the best overall and lastly Blinc – Original Tubing Mascara, Extreme Long wear is always a premium choice.

If you think that we are doing a great job, don’t forget to appreciate us. your comments are our motivation, Keep reading and stay stylish!

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